When will the coronavirus peak in California? Not anytime soon


With California coronavirus deaths rising to 55, state officials warn that the worst is yet to come as the virus continues to spread.
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti warned on Tuesday that residents should be prepared for more loss of life as the pandemic spreads.

Garcetti said L.A. should be six to 12 days after seeing figures similar to the epidemic in New York, where the death toll has increased dramatically in recent days.

“It’s coming,” said Garcetti. “The peak is not there yet. The peak will be bad. People will lose their lives. ”

The mayor also rejected President Trump’s earlier comments that he wanted to quickly ease the restrictions and said that Angelenos should be “prepared for a few months like this”.

“I know everyone has hope, and some express the hope that we will be back in churches at Easter or in synagogues at Easter or that we will restart the economy in a few weeks,” said Garcetti. “I think we owe it to everyone to be simple and honest. We will not return to … this level of normal in this short period of time. ”

Coronavirus infections in the state are now over 2,600, but that number is expected to increase significantly as more tests are done. New York has recorded more than 200 deaths and 26,000 cases in total.

California officials believe they will also see significant peaks in the coming days and weeks.

San Francisco officials said earlier this week that an increase in coronavirus infection is expected to occur in a week or two.

“The worst is yet to come,” San Francisco director of health Dr. Grant Colfax said on Monday. “Each community where the virus has settled has seen an increase in the number of coronavirus patients who need to be hospitalized. We expect this to happen in San Francisco soon, in a week or two or less. ”

Governor Gavin Newsom said Trump’s remarks did not reflect reality in California.

“April for California would be sooner than any of the experts I have spoken with is possible,” said Newsom.

Newsom now expects California to need 50,000 hospital beds to care for COVID-19 patients, more than double what its administration had expected last week. He said the state’s 416 hospitals would execute “emergency plans” to create 30,000 new beds.

Newsom also ordered a halt to the admission and transfer of detainees to 35 state prisons and four youth correctional facilities. He said British billionaire Richard Branson would donate medical supplies to help healthcare workers, joining the efforts of Tesla and Apple executives.

In L.A. County, authorities confirmed on Tuesday four new virus-related deaths, bringing the death toll to 11 across the county. The county noted another 128 cases of coronavirus infection, bringing the total to 662.

The Los Angeles Police Department said 11 officers tested positive, including two members of their supervisor. In Orange County, health officials have confirmed the county’s first virus-related death in a 40-year-old man with underlying health conditions who was receiving treatment at the hospital. The number of people infected has reached 152 in Orange County, with 27 new cases reported.

San Mateo County reported two more deaths on Wednesday, bringing the total to five. In the state, the total number of coronavirus-related deaths has reached 55.

Officials said the coronavirus may have killed a Lancaster boy, possibly the first death of a person under the age of 18 from the virus.

L.A. County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer called it “a devastating reminder that COVID-19 affects people of all ages.” But in a statement Tuesday evening, public health officials noted that although “the first tests indicated a positive result for COVID-19, the case is complex and there could be an alternative explanation” in addition to the coronavirus for the death.

Lancaster’s mayor R. Rex Parris said in an interview on Tuesday that the boy died of septic shock and the boy’s father was infected with coronavirus.

While authorities are trying to determine the exact cause of death of the young, it is possible that the coronavirus and the bacterial infection are correlated, said an expert.


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