Viral video shows man spraying Tim Hortons cup in London


In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, a London-based viral video that had been viewed hundreds of thousands of times sparked outrage across the country.
It shows a man continually spraying a cup of Tim Hortons coffee in a car by the window with what is presumed to be a disinfectant.

He then removes the lid from the cup, throwing it into the restaurant.

The unidentified man then said obscenity to a person in the vehicle behind him who blew his horn and then fled.

It is unknown where Tim Hortons the video takes place or when, but the company’s media relations office confirmed to CTV News that the incident occurred in London.

Tim Hortons CEO Duncan Fulton made the following statement to CTV London:

“We are asking Canadians to help each other during this stressful and uncertain time in our history. Canadians are known as thoughtful, reasonable and respectful people, and now more than ever, we are asking everyone to demonstrate these values ​​and show respect for those working tirelessly in the midst of the pandemic. At Tim Hortons, we follow expert advice to ensure a safe and healthy environment for team members and guests. This is our top priority. We thank the team members for their important work and their commitment to upholding Canadian values ​​in these unprecedented times. And we thank all the workers across Canada who keep our essential services running. “

Many social media users have expressed disgust for the strange actions of man.

“Honestly, if you’re THAT level of concern, it’s really not difficult to make coffee at home,” said Alykhan Khamisa Ravjiani.

“Ridiculous, why get a takeout in the first place if you’re worried?” Asked Dave Carson on Twitter.


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