Tips to Support Small Businesses During the Coronavirus Crisis


The Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​urges consumers to help local businesses through the new coronavirus pandemic.
While many companies are forced to temporarily close their doors, many face uncertain times.

“We have noticed that our B.C. business community has been hit hard,” said Karla Laird, BBB Mainland B.C. spokesperson.

“Companies are downsizing, some have had to close all operations, others have had to send staff home.”

The impact of this health crisis on small businesses is far-reaching.

The BBB says the crisis is affecting the businesses you visit and interact with every day, including your local cafe, your favorite lunch spot, and even businesses that may not come to mind.

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“You look at your salons and hair salons, you look at your restaurants, your contractors, your plumbers, your traders,” said Laird.

How to protect yourself from phishing and malicious coronavirus scams

To help support local businesses, the BBB offers the following tips.

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  • Buy a gift card for later. Check the company website and social media accounts for more details
  • Ignore the refund and take a rain check. Consider taking credit for the future instead of requesting a refund
  • Engage in future work or projects when the business reopens
  • Buy (local) online. Many local stores and vendors operate online stores. Look for them on social media accounts or check their website
  • Find virtual classes
  • Get takeout or deliver. Many restaurants and brasseries offer this service and some with a discount.

What happens when a fraudster steals your phone number and tricks a cell phone provider?

If you can’t afford to pay in advance or your own wallet feels the pinch, the BBB says there are free ways to support local businesses.

One way is to write an online review of your favorite business.

The BBB claims that five-star reviews help companies rank well in search engines.

Also consider liking and sharing a business on social media so they can get more positive exposure.


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