The new travel document: photograph of an empty plane


The story of the airline halt can be told in numbers.

Helane Becker, managing director and senior airline analyst at Cowen, an investment bank, estimates that 40 to 60 percent of domestic flights in the United States have been canceled. Cancellations of international flights are even higher, around 85%, she said.

But the photos will do the trick as well.

Very few people are flying right now. But among those who are, many have found themselves on almost empty planes – and have captured this void in photographs. Almost uniformly, they capture rows of vacant seats, a few heads growing above them, and a large area of ​​free aerial storage for the catch. Many of these photos have been posted on Instagram and Twitter in recent days. Others were shared directly with the New York Times travel desk.

Lindsey Ferrentino, who flew home from Newark to Orlando, Florida on Saturday, bought three tickets for herself – one with points and two for $ 17.40 each – to make sure she had the money. space around her during the flight. When it boarded the Airbus A320 (capacity: about 150), it was almost completely empty.


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