The legend of rams Eric Dickerson shares his frustration with the new logos of his old team


Eric Dickerson is best known for two things: being one of the greatest semi-offensives in NFL history and being someone who is never afraid to express his true feelings.

Dickerson, who is currently vice president of Rams development, was brutally honest when he was recently asked about the new Rams logos, which was unveiled earlier this week. Dickerson, who rushed for an NFL record of 2,105 yards as a Rams member in 1984, expressed disappointment in a conference call with the design team who proposed the new logos.

“I asked the guys,” Why play with something good? “” Said Dickerson in “The Doug Gottlieb Show”. “Cowboys don’t change their logos. The Raiders do not change their logos. The Colts, when they went from Baltimore to Indianapolis, didn’t [change logos]. ”

Since the interview, Dickerson has actively started collecting opinions from the team’s fan base, posting the following message on Wednesday asking fans to choose between two different logos. The logo on the left is a combination of the two logos unveiled by the team earlier this week.

The reason behind the new logos, as explained to Dickerson, has to do with the Rams’ desire to establish their own identity in Los Angeles after spending more than two decades in St. Louis before returning to Los Angeles in 2016. This answer did not work. I don’t fly with Dickerson.

“I said it had nothing to do with anything,” said Dickerson. “The players who played it, you give them respect. Anyone who plays under the Rams logo, no matter where they were, has played for the Rams. ”

Although not a fan of the new logos, Dickerson should be pleased that the Rams have apparently moved away from the gold / blue navy jerseys that the then Saint Louis Rams began wearing in 2000, shortly after winning the franchise franchise. first Super Bowl. This color scheme came with the Rams in Los Angeles with a minor change: the Rams began to wear blue and white helmets to pay homage to the helmets they wore during the Fearsome Foursome era of the 1960s. Rams’ primary colors will again be royal blue and yellow, the team’s main color palette from 1973 to 1999.

Aside from the color scheme, Dickerson is still not a fan of the new logos, an opinion he probably won’t change anytime soon.

“The logo, no, I don’t feel it,” he said. ” I do not like it. And I just hope God won’t change the logo on the helmet. If they do it on the helmet, it’s going to be a disaster. ”


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