Subcontractors lack space to store bodies as coronavirus lockout causes delay in funeral


The coronavirus pandemic has caused a backlog for Scottish funeral directors, and the funeral home is running out, according to a leading funeral director.
Services are delayed because they cannot take place until the deaths have been registered – and in-person appointments at the registrar are not available after the COVID-19 government foreclosure.

Dom Maguire, based in Glasgow, who is the funeral director of Anderson Maguire, said that the funeral is “held in limbo” – and that at least 200 families are affected.

He said the changes to make it easier to register deaths are part of Westminster coronavirus emergency powers legislation, but he doesn’t expect them to take effect until the weekend. end at the earliest.

Mr. Maguire – who is a former president of the British Association of Funeral Directors and who was involved in pandemic emergency planning during the bird flu and Sars epidemics – said: “It means last Friday at this weekend every death that has occurred arrangements can be made for this funeral.

“Funeral directors are currently examining a large funeral backlog.

“I know a number of funeral directors who usually have adequate mortuary space and who are under pressure.

“We had to use a spare refrigeration space. ”

The experienced entrepreneur, who has already provided services to victims of coronavirus, added, “Nothing is what the expected and expected situation will happen.

“Although we hope for the best, we must plan for the worst. ”

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Coronavirus in Scotland

He said the casket makers are working “24/7” before the expected increase in the death toll.

And he said there are plans to introduce videoconference meetings with bereaved families in the 14 funeral homes he operates in Glasgow.

Staff also received protective gear, and said, “For funeral directors, every death is important, whether it’s COVID-19 or something.

“Whenever possible, funeral directors will try to provide the best possible service in circumstances that will be extremely difficult. ”

Glasgow City Council has advised people to monitor its website for death registration updates, saying in a statement: “Following government advice, clerks are now preparing for remote registration of deaths. death. Face-to-face meetings are currently not available. ”


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