NYU allows medical students to graduate early to help fight coronavirus


NYU Grossman School of Medicine announced Wednesday that it plans to allow postgraduate students to complete their education sooner in response to New York government’s directive to Andrew Cuomo “to integrate more doctors into the health care system faster,” said school in a statement.

Steven B. Abramson, executive vice-dean of medical school, said the university asked about 122 students who are expected to graduate this year if they would be ready to begin their internship at New York hospitals in April instead of waiting until July.

On Wednesday afternoon, 69 students volunteered to graduate, said Abramson.

“It is impressive and speaks volumes about our students and their dedication to caring for the sick and being part of a team of doctors who care for these patients,” he said.

Gabrielle Mayer, a fourth-year medical student considering joining the primary care / internal medicine program at NYU Bellevue Hospital, said it was an “easy decision” for her.
“Knowing that we are waiting to graduate and join the workforce, that we have the skill set that seems necessary and valuable at the moment, it has been so easy to reach my co-residents, our interns” said an old student.

The school is now awaiting final approval from the New York State Department of Education, the Middle East States Commission on Higher Education, and the Medical Education Liaison Committee.

If the NYU plan is approved, students will be placed in internal medicine programs or emergency rooms at NYU-affiliated hospitals in the area.

Students will be part of a team and “will never be asked to do anything that is above their skill level,” said Abramson.

More than 30,000 cases have been confirmed in New York, and the majority of the state’s cases are in New York. Plans are underway to build emergency hospitals and thousands of doctors and nurses, retired or no longer seeing patients, have signed up to help.


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