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Microsoft has updated its regular blog website, and this update includes the Feature Discovery Series on Multiplayer, a new development roadmap, an alpha update, and more.

Discovery Feature Series

Starting with the episode of the feature discovery series, this episode covered multiplayer and how it would be implemented in the simulator. There are two main variants of multiplayer. One is the live players. It’s a more realistic experience for pilots where everyone follows the rules and regulations. All Players is where people don’t need to follow flight rules and can be more flexible if you want to try a new plane or explore somewhere. You can also create your own group and add players, and you can do whatever you want. Watch the full video for more information.

Episode 8, IFR, is scheduled to be released in mid-April.

Development roadmap

The latest version of the April and May development roadmap has been released, and here it is.

Comments screenshot

The comments screenshot is the same as 2 weeks ago, but here it is again in case you missed it.


The next alpha version is currently being prepared and is expected to be released early next week.

The team is currently discussing the current engagement strategy for alpha invitations and focusing on these three main things.

  • Make sure everyone who has received an acceptance email has access to the Alpha.
  • Make sure those who signed up early for pre-release build testing have access to the Alpha.
  • Evaluate Alpha participation options to add more people as quickly as possible.


Finally, Microsoft has again shared many new screenshots of the simulator.

Be sure to check with Microsoft feeds for more information, and be sure to come back here for more updates when they are also available.


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