Daniel Ricciardo plans to qualify last for the opening race


Whenever the 2020 opening race takes place, Daniel Ricciardo has joked that he plans to qualify last because he will be out of “chaos” at turn 1.

The first eight rounds of the original 2020 season have already been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, and currently the Canadian Grand Prix on June 13 is expected to open the season.

But even if the season were to start by then, the pilots would have missed three months of scheduled action, so Ricciardo has a plan to stay safe while his rivals blow the spider webs.

“It’s going to become real,” he joked during a Q&A on Renault’s Instagram.

“I’m thinking of qualifying last, because I think turn 1 is just going to be chaos.

“I’m just going to watch it all happen, and then I’ll lead the first round. I will put it on pole and start voluntarily last! ”

The Monaco Grand Prix has been definitively canceled, making it the first time that the race will be absent from the calendar since 1954.

And Ricciardo thinks the streets of Monte-Carlo where he won the victory in 2018 will be a big loss for 2020.

“I don’t like to do laps in my head yet, because I don’t know which track we’re going to run on,” he said, referring to where the first race will take place. the season.

“I looked aboard Monaco last night and I got a little sad. I don’t really know where we’re going to be. This one hurt me.

“They’re all going to hurt, that’s for sure, Melbourne is so close. Reality sets in unfortunately. ”

Currently, Ricciardo is training in his home country, Australia, with performance coach Michael Italiano.

He regularly posted videos and said the training helped keep him in a “competitive frame of mind.”

“Training is certainly the thing that keeps me in this competitive state of mind,” he said.

“You get a little angry when you train, so that has been my medicine so far.

“I feel like now it’s a bit perfect for getting in shape. We have to stay, there is no jet lag, there are no airports, we can really set up as a training camp that we don’t always have.

“It’s good to know that we have time, we don’t have to rush. I think you will see a lot of pilots and people in general, every time everything is finished, I hope so. ”

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