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A package of measures to help the self-employed during the shutdown of the coronavirus will be unveiled on Thursday by the Chancellor.

Rishi Sunak to describe daily government assistance COVID-19 press conference.

Measures have already been announced to help businesses, mortgagees, tenants and workers. But the lack of a specific package for the self-employed has drawn criticism.

Self-employed people fear for their future

Prime Minister Boris Johnson told members of the House of Commons earlier that the government would do “everything we can” to support the self-employed coronavirus trigger.

He said he wanted to get “support parity” so they could have the same levels of protection as salaried workers.

“But there are particular complexities regarding the self-employed that need to be addressed,” said Johnson.

“They are not all in the same position and all I can say is that we are working as fast as possible to get the right support for everyone in this country. ”

The Prime Minister said that the ministers had “already done a lot to strengthen the safety net for everyone in this country”.

But he warned, “I cannot honestly promise the House that we will be able to get through this crisis without any sort of difficulty. ”

Locals say everyone must stay together and remember that staying at home can save lives

Getting used to life locked out

Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn said the lack of help so far has meant that the self-employed “have to choose between going to work or staying at home or facing the loss of all their livelihoods.”

He called for further far-reaching measures to ensure that workers can stay at home and not be left out of their pockets.

“The statutory amount of sickness benefits of £ 94.25 a week, on which the secretary of health admitted that he could not live, and although he promised that he would provide workers with the support they need, we still haven’t seen any action on it, ”said Corbyn. said.

“So unless we increase statutory sickness benefits and provide protection and access to benefits for those on a zero hour contract, then the dangers we all know, people who enter work or try to work when they should not be continuing.

“We need very urgent action on this. ”

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick Says Police Can Intervene If Businesses Don't Meet Social Distancing Guidelines

Coronavirus: Government Must Enforce Trade Rules Through Police

Wednesday’s PMQs were the first since Johnson announced a lockdown in the UK to try to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

People are now only allowed out for “very limited” purposes, which includes buying basic necessities like food and medicine and some form of daily exercise.

The Prime Minister said that the country was in the middle of something “completely extraordinary”.

“We come together as a nation in a way that I have not seen in my lifetime to help overcome an illness and save the lives of thousands of our citizens.

“We all understand that this would involve a sacrifice, but we are happy to make this sacrifice. ”

In his latest PMQ as a Labor leader, Corbyn said that the COVID-19 epidemic “shows us how much we depend on each other.”

“We will only get through this as a society through a huge collective effort,” he added.

In addition to being challenged on what the government is doing to help the self-employed, the PM has also been pressured by official advice to the construction industry.

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Construction workers can still enter as long as they can stay within two meters of each other at any time, the government said.

Amid reports of crowded London underground cars, there have been calls to stop all non-emergency construction work to allow workers in this industry to stay at home and avoid spreading the word. virus.

London mayor Sadiq Khan said “too many people using TfL’s busiest hours are working in construction” as he reiterates his call to ban unrelated construction work security.

Social distancing is a problem on the London tube on the first day of coronavirus lockdowns

Inside a crowded London underground

Corbyn made reference to a radio call from a freelance construction worker during his questioning of the Prime Minister.

The Labor leader said the worker contracted COVID-19 but had “no other option than to get on the London Underground and get to a job site.”

He urged, “Can the Prime Minister be absolutely clear and give unequivocal direction now that construction on non-emergency work must stop now?” ”

PM said in response, “Everyone should work at home unless they have to go to work,” adding: “If a … construction business continues, then clearly, it must do so as directed by Public. Health England. ”

Commuters report on trip, some claim measures against coronaviruses not being observed

Health worker: the journey is “stressful”

Another feature of the crisis of the past few days has been a growing argument between the mayor of London and the government over the scenes of crowded underground trains.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said Tuesday that there was “no good reason” for cutting services as much as they did.

And Johnson said to deputies that it should be possible to “manage a better metro system” and implement a more comprehensive service.

However, Mr. Khan insisted that this was not possible because the staff were sick or self-isolated from the coronavirus.

Jeremy Hunt questions Prime Minister about coronavirus tests

“Should we introduce weekly tests for NHS staff? “

The London Underground is currently operating at around 50% of normal capacity during peak hours, which has caused overcrowding as people continue to travel despite calls from the public to refrain from making non-essential trips.

NHS workers have complained that crowded trains are putting their health at risk.

A potential solution has been proposed by Conservative MP Sir Charles Walker.

He said there was an “army” of drivers “keen to get involved like the Spitfires in 1940” and called the Prime Minister to help them transport the doctors and nurses.

Johnson said the government plans to use “unsung service” to transport NHS workers across the capital.


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