Cam Newton’s physical release from the Panthers means nothing


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Yes, Cam Newton passed a medical examination administered by the Panthers (via a doctor in Atlanta) before the Panthers cut him on Tuesday. No, that doesn’t mean anything when it comes to finding a new team.

The Panthers wanted him to pass the physique and Newton wanted to pass him. The material, as reported by ESPN, was “coordinated by the Panthers and its agency”. Wink. Nodding. Cam passes the physique.

This does not mean that he is “in good health”, although ESPN naturally had to make this statement in exchange for obtaining the scoop. Newton’s next team will decide for himself if he’s in good health, ideally before signing him with a new contract.

COVID-19 procedures make this a major challenge, as a team like the Chargers cannot bring Newton into the facility, nor can the Chargers send their doctors to Newton. They must therefore either trust the assessment of a neutral doctor before signing it, wait until they sign it until the physical examination can be carried out by the team doctors, or sign it subject to ” a medical examination at a later date.

Anyway, the fact that Newton’s physique was successful on the way out to Carolina has absolutely nothing to do with whether another team will be comfortable committing millions based on its current general condition.

The best example comes from the case of Drew Brees in 2006. Brees, who injured his shoulder in the last game in 2005, failed a physical with the Dolphins. And he spent a physical with the saints. Newton, despite his time in physics in Carolina, could fail one with the Chargers or any other team.


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