Briton now dies of coronavirus every 13 minutes as death toll nears 600


A coronavirus patient dies every 13 minutes in the UK – the number of daily deaths having exceeded 100 for the first time yesterday.
One hundred and thirty-three people have died in the past 24 hours, it was announced Thursday afternoon.

The deadly pandemic has now killed a total of 578 in Britain since the first known cases in January, while 11,658 have tested positive with Covid-19.

This comes as figures show that 4,300 beds in NHS hospitals have already been occupied by patients with the virus while doctors, nurses and other medical staff work around the clock.

Roadblocks have been put in place to catch motorists who flout the lock, with police fining drivers if they have no essential reason to travel.

Figures show coronavirus patient dies every 13 minutes in the UK

People across the UK, meanwhile, expressed their united support for the NHS at 8 p.m. Thursday by applauding in a remarkable show of appreciation.

Locked-up Britons took their balconies and doorsteps to applaud the health workers fighting the pandemic.

The emotional display of solidarity occurred when NHS chief Sir Simon Stevens called the crisis the worst since World War II.

Applauding, hitting pots and pans, applauding and greeting neighbors with whom they are no longer able to shake hands, a large number of people took part in the “Clap for our Carers” initiative.

Sir Simon said: “I don’t think there has been anything like this in the history of the NHS.

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Coronavirus epidemic

“The closest parallel I can think of is the way London hospitals and emergency departments came together during the Second World War.”

Analysis of the first 386 fatal victims of the virus in the UK found that 98 percent had underlying health problems.

Professor Yvonne Doyle, medical director of Public Health England, told the Commons Health Committee: “At the moment, it is very rare for people to die without any other illness.”

A protection kit review is underway, lest staff who do not have any symptoms transmit the virus due to the lack of appropriate equipment.

About a third of the cases were symptom-free, with the incubation phase lasting up to five days, said Professor Doyle.


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