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Positions to choose, Argentines prefer Xi Jinping, Vladimir Poutine, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron before Donald trump. In that order, the 35% popularity of the president of the China run out of 22 of his pair of United States, the survey conducted in 33 countries by the Pew Research Center throws a revealing fact: the predilection of the Argentines by a little charismatic chief of a capitalist communist country and another who has been in power for two decades over the seasoned chancellor of Germany, ready to retire, and the President of France, in trouble with yellow vests and unions. The four have differences with Trump.

Trump's bad image for "bad foreign policy decisions" is around 69% Argentina and 60 percent Brasil. Much more in Mexico, 89%, as a result of their efforts at the border wall. For this reason, the increase in import tariffs and the withdrawal climate change agreement and of nuclear deal with Iran, three in four people think the same Germany, Sweden, France, Spain and Holland. In Arab countries, Trump's rejection rests on the transfer of the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, well seen by 74% of Israelis.

Trump's 22% confidence Argentina in 2019, it exceeded its own index, by 13 and 11% respectively in 2017 and 2018, but it is far from the positive image of Barack Obama. Trump garners praise from right-wing and far-right supporters Hungary, Spain, France and Brasil. The areas of Viktor Orban, Match Vox and uncompromising Marine Le Pen and Jair Bolsonaro. The rarity of the Argentines is the preference for Xi and Putin, similar in Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya, unlike the favorable image in other Merkel and Macron countries.

"Few express confidence in Russian President Putin or Chinese President Xi," said the poll. Trump's contempt for immigrants and his pricing policy with China, Mexico and the European Union It was only appreciated by party followers National gathering (before, National Front from Le Pen to France), of Alternative for Germany (AfD) and of Swedish Democrats, a paradoxical name for a far-right party.

Argentines, like most mortals, don't want Trump, but the government of Alberto Fernandez he needs it. " Argentina he needs a rescue from his overwhelming debts - he says Jorge Castaneda, Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico from 2000 to 2003 and professor at New York University-. Trump cannot easily get a rescue, but he can block it. It does not depend on the opinion of the Argentines on their management or on their person, but, adds Castañeda, of "prudence and moderation" vis-a-vis the conflicts of Venezuela, after leaving the Lima group, and of Bolivia, with Evo Morales as a refugee.

This does not influence the impression of the Argentines on United States, on the sidelines of Trump. Four in ten, equally, have a favorable and unfavorable image of the country. In Brasil, the positive opinion is 56%. In Mexico, the refusal is 55%. While Argentines make up only one percent of the Hispanic population of United States, the number of files increased by 158% between 2000 and 2017. The majority resides in Florida, California and New York. He did not emigrate for George W. Bush, Obama or Trump, but for a recurring phenomenon from generation to generation: the crisis. As Argentinian as dulce de leche.

Jorge Elias

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