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Senior bowl week is in effect. Tuesday I reviewed the players who currently look like the most likely first round choices. So here are some guys who may not be considered at 15 that I still like a lot because the system is suitable for Broncos.

TCU is a school where it is easy to sleep in the fall. It's a small private school in Fort Worth, Texas that tries to hang on with big dogs like Oklahoma and Texas in Big 12. It shows the kind of work Gary Patterson is doing to make them can do just that during their best years. One of the things that regularly stands out from the Horned Frogs is the development of their players. Year after year, there are high school players that blue bloods have slept on who are becoming prospects for the NFL.

This senior cornerback is just the most recent example.

Gladney has the kind of tools and aggressiveness that make her easy to love.

One fun thing to look at TCU defense is the number of concepts they use that would help Gladney adapt to Fangio's system. Patterson uses many game districts, which blurs the boundaries between the area and human coverage. Ideally, the Broncos will be too.

Beyond that fact, Gladney himself. He is a great blend of athleticism and aggression that makes him a pleasure to watch. He's probably under 6'0 and weighs just under 190 pounds, but he's not afraid to mix it up as a tackle or stop a back. I liked what I saw of his ball skills and I think he could step in as an early contributor as a rookie.

I have been driving this car since October and saw no reason to get off right away. More than once, I’ve had to explain how Alabama’s security brings the kind of versatility that would allow it to contribute as a potential nickel corner early in its career before stepping back to take over from Kareem Jackson. It’s still true.

McKinney brings many of the same traits that they fell for when studying Minkah Fitzpatrick.

In order to keep pace with crimes in the NFL, the defenses have incorporated the nickel staff as a new base in recent seasons. This is important to keep in mind as it means that the third corner will play starting minutes while a third linebacker will generally not do so. While some teams in the league are trying to reverse this trend by getting closer to the tight ends and backs, it is even more important that nickel is able to withstand both the race and the pass.

McKinney can do just that. In games, I saw that it was solid to reflect the corners of opposite slots as well as to support the runs. When he played at the third level, he showed the means to stay above the vertical routes and to go up to fill a way very reminiscent of Kareem Jackson. He's an underrated tackle and Nick Saban did not hesitate to flash him in key situations.

McKinney is a "sum> pieces" perspective.

Much like McKinney, it has been hurting this tiger for a long time now. It caught my eye for the first time when I watched the Texas-LSU game in September and I have been passionate about it ever since. He is a two-year-old starter at the center who has proven himself in the SEC game. I really like what I saw of him at the second level and I think he could improve the Broncos racing game in this regard. It also offers promising lateral mobility and could potentially play guard if the Broncos choose to keep Conner McGovern.

Cushenberry keeps his head on a pivot and has lateral mobility to follow the games of the defensive fronts of the NFL.

So far, Cushenberry is crushing the offseason. He has received rave reviews for his physique and performance in the Senior Bowl so far. I considered it a day 3 theft in The Draft Network laughs at this point, but as it does with a few other LSU players, it seems unlikely now.

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The individual part of the practice is where the Cushenberry shines the most. He was confronted by Javon Kinlaw and managed to pinch his hands and sink his hips to hinder the process of the biggest inside defender Gamecock. The former LSU center spent the first day of practice with flying colors. Cushenberry's stock continues to rise and it would not be surprising to see the unit chief who received the Joe Moore award (awarded for the best offensive line in the country) enter the discussions as a selection of the top 40 .

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A linebacker hybrid, Akeem Davis-Gaither was flying all over the field in Team South exercises on Tuesday. His speed and range in space immediately stood out, and he quickly established himself as linebacker for the southern team in face-to-face exercises against tight ends and back runners. In team exercises, Davis-Gaither played everything, from linebacker to defender of the slot machine, aligned on several points of defense and seemed incredibly ready to handle these different roles. Whether it's chasing a screen game quickly or running vertically with TEs in human coverage, Davis-Gaither showed people the traits he was showing on tape and why he was worthy of becoming one of the best 100.

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Stop me if you've ever heard of it: an Ohio-wide receiver has put its defensive back in the blender with a strong running ability. No? You don't ring? It should. Ohio State receivers are nasty in the field – today's practice in the North is no exception. K.J. Hill fought the ball at the capture point a few times, but made a good vertical adjustment to a tight blanket on the far sideline for a big game and managed to knock down the defenders several times tops the lead- has a. Hill's performance left his former post coach radiant.

2020 Senior Bowl Day 1 North Practice: Defensive Summary | The network project

Josh Uche might have been one of the best players on the field for Day 1. He dominated tight ends in pass protection drills, then jumped on the offensive / defensive line face to face and also jumped on some tackles. He beat UConn Matt Peart with the speed in power on the right and slipped it with a rush outward hesitation on the left – and Peart didn't lose too many rushers for the rest of the day.

Uche was taking area drops, covering the man and lashing out at the passer-by. He and the flashy player below did it all at a very high level – it was great to see. Sometimes versatile players can get lost in reworking training notes because they don't spend too much time in one place; this is not the case with Uche. It shines.

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"I'm going to run faster than a lot of people say about me … I think I'm going to shock people. "

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Jeudy would give the Broncos one of the most exciting collections of talented young players in the league. Add it to a group that already understands Drew Lock, Courtland sutton, Noah Fant and Phillip Lindsay would scare opposing defensive coordinators.

2020 NFL Mock Draft 2.0: Two full laps (and a little more) before Senior Bowl week – The Athletic

15. Denver Broncos – C.J. Henderson, BC, Florida The Broncos have abandoned the wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders and his contract expiring during the season but now need this element of catching pass beyond Courtland sutton. The wait works with the impressive depth of the 2020 class. Therefore, we consider the secondary with security Justin Simmons and cornerback Chris Harris moving towards free agency. 46. ​​Broncos – Jalen Reagor, WR, TCU

NFL Mock Draft 2020: Four QBs off the board after 12 picks, Colts get Jacoby Brissett's gun in the shooting range – CBSSports.com

Courtland sutton is an emerging star who is a deep threat of good faith. Noah Fant is the dynamic tight end that goes into second year. Phillip Lindsay is the backfield playmaker, and Drew Lock is the quarterback who appears ready for full-time work. Why not add one more weapon to this offense – the most exciting player in this draft class – Jerry Jeudy.

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Katie Sowers has just become the first female and openly gay coach in the Super Bowl.

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FOXBOROUGH, Mass – Tom Brewer was the man from Eastern Illinois University in 1998 when it came to the EA Sports NCAA football game. He dominated everyone who dared to challenge him on PlayStation in his dorm room at Douglas Hall, which shares an entrance with Lincoln Hall as an ode to the presidential debate Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas held in Coles County, Illinois in September 1858. But there was a student from Eastern Illinois who was determined to overthrow the champion. Tony Romo.

Dalvin Cook doesn't claim second contract yet – ProFootballTalk

"I love the organization" cook told NFL.com about Pro Bowl preparations in Orlando. "They took a chance on me by bringing me in. If a person believes in me, I will give everything. I try to do everything, I give them everything and I'm just glad I know Vikings. It’s a great organization. I think everything that's going on is for the future. "

Matt Judon: I don't know where I'm going to be next year – ProFootballTalk

Matt Judon represents the Ravens in the Pro Bowl. Will it be the last time that Judon is a member of the team that drafted him in the fifth round in 2016? The linebacker is expected to become a free agent in March.

Patriots Joejuan Williams Arrested For Drug Possession – ProFootballTalk

Patriots Corner Corner Joejuan Williams was arrested for possession of drugs. After being initially arrested for speeding, Williams was arrested at 9:37 p.m.

Freddie Kitchens 'not a lock' to end up on Giants staff – ProFootballTalk

The Giants could hire Freddie kitchens, which was reported on Tuesday. But that may not be the case, reports Dan Duggan of TheAthletic.com. Kitchens have other options and are "not a lock" for getting to New York, according to Duggan. The Giants' kitchens and new coach Joe Judge have worked together in Mississippi State.

Will Eli Manning be inducted into the Professional Football Hall of Fame? – NFL.com

Yes, but it shouldn't.



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