Tennis, Davis Cup: "These people are sick," says Ion Tiriac


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"These people are sick on the head, it's the great majesty"

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Djokovic before the Davis Cup – "Very exciting"

From 18 to 24 November 2019, a final tournament with 18 nations will be held for the first time in the Davis Cup in Madrid. Novak Djokovic joins Serbia and looks forward to the matches.

The Davis Cup reform brings billions of dollars to the tennis association. But critics fall in the hosts on the new mode. The former manager of Becker, Tiriac, does not care.

ITiriac has already lived many things in his life. The 80-year-old has already played world-class tennis, then discovered Boris Becker and then developed as a busy entrepreneur for the richest man in Romania. Such can not throw anything off the road so easily. Unless the world's oldest annual sports competition is overthrown. For then, in him as in the tribune, he sees the success of his protege.

Since Monday, the prestigious Davis Cup is taking place for the first time in a new fashion. So far, where were 16 nations in K. format. with change of Heimrecht, determined by the two finalists, there is now a tournament of one week with 18 participants. For Tiriac, between 1969 and 1972, even three times with Romania in the final, a non-go.

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"These people are sick on the head," growls the director towards the organizers. "They have never hit a tennis ball, they are ruining 120 years of tradition.I call what the ITF has done, lamentation of majesty, you should be sentenced to life for that."

The term ITF hides the International Tennis Federation. The World Association has opted for an in-depth reform that will generate substantial revenue for itself, state associations and professionals. The rights acquisition company Kosmos will pay about $ 3 billion by 2044 for the new format.

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The football star, Gerard Piqué (FC Barcelona), who has been interfering for years in the business world, co-founded the Kosmos group in 2015. His teammate, Lionel Messi, six times world footballer, is also involved.

Zverev one of the big critics of the new mode

But money as bait does not appeal to all tennis players. Alexander Zverev, for example, the German superstar, assured in February that his team was 5-0 over Hungary and that his team did not qualify for the Madrid event. He refused to participate at that time because the regeneration time would be shortened by two to three weeks at the beginning of the new season. After nearly 50 games in 2019, it's a much bigger hurdle for the 22-year-old. "A worse system," says Zverev, "you can not imagine."

Germany must now qualify for the quarterfinals of Group C without its best pro against Argentina and Chile. For Jan-Lennard Struff (36th in the world ranking), Philipp Kohlschreiber (79), Dominik Koepfer (85) and double specialists Kevin Krawietz / Andreas Mies are a noble company. The public present in the three arenas of Caja Mágica will probably not see epic games. Only two singles and one doubles are played in the national league – in addition, only two and not three winning sets as before.

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1978 New York City Vitas Gerulaitis at Studio 54 CAP / MPI / PHI © MPI67 / Capitale Images | No distribution to resellers.

That's why the magic of the prestigious Davis Cup has disappeared not only for Tiriac. Where one fought for national honors in four singles and one doubled in hours for many hours in an often heated atmosphere for three days, one enters now in a mode that recalls more the conventional form of the tournament. "I will do everything to go back to the old system," Zverev said. "90% of the best players are not for that."

However, he is the only star of the industry that is lacking in the qualified nations of Madrid. A solitary boycott. Although exceptional players such as Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic have considerable doubts, they are in Madrid.

And the former protector of Ion Tiriac wants to give a chance to the new competition. Boris Becker, winner of the Davis Cup in 1988 and 1989 and now male tennis champion in Germany, said: "We are ready, we want to play tennis, we want to win, I give a chance to every idea, you can criticize after. "

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